foggy blog

  • have I run away from grief for 19 years? - this is my question for the doc today: I went upstairs to look through some boxes. 1. art supplies 2. diaries/sketchbooks I’ve been meaning to go through to find evidence of past depressions/ruminations that exist in my memory 1. found – check! now I have more clutter to go through downstairs. 2. found – check! […]
  • My shrink suggested I write a blog… - I’m worried it will expose too much. I’ve survived thus far by living so far under a rock that no one notices me.  I don’t know what’s kept me there… But I don’t want to be there anymore.  I want to breathe fresh air.  I want to run and jump and dance and I don’t […]
  • Phalaenopsis NOID, one of my first orchids - I bought this orchid about a year ago.  This picture was taken this past spring. I think it’s my second orchid.  The first being a purple Oncidium NOID that I don’t have a picture of. My Popo had a small greenhouse my Goong Goong had built her, and it was full of the most beautiful […]
  • first foggy boggy blog: about me - i love being outdoors on cloudy days i love trees and flowers, especially orchids, and butterflies mists in mountains, and moving through clouds cats are fun, geckos are cool, owls too mmmm piano and coffee ❤

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